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from yamaha riding school:
Here is a quick rundown on what we can do for the event. We are pretty flexible but need a solid plan for sure.

The idea we can help out with is that we will have a couple of our instructors teaching a series of classroom sessions as well as giving some on track instruction but nothing really hard core as that would mean shutting down the entire track for our riders. We can also do something doing lunch while the rest of the riders are eating. We do not need corner workers for the schools stuff so no worries there.

I am not sure how it is looking for you, but the idea is that any of your riders who are signed up for the track day can register for our school for an additional $125.00 or $200 for both days. This will give them a chance to see how the school works, what it is about, who we are, and also get a smoking deal on some of the best rider education in the world. I would like to see 20 riders per day in the program. Not sure what you are looking at overall, but with the notice we have it should be reasonable pending the weather.

It should be no problem for me to hold a couple bikes here for the event. We could squeeze in two-up rides as well for those signed up if we have time. That alone is worth the cost of the program by itself.

Ok, let me know what you are thinking and if that would help you out at all. We have been doing these around the country at Buell days and they are packing the house! It is a great feeder for our school, but really it brings a huge value to a trackday that is otherwise unavailable. The feedback is going great and the really low cost is just a winner all around.

Ok, let me know,


Ok guys its hammered down. We are goin to do the 11-12th of October at Miller motorsports park FULL AMA 4.5 Mile COURSE Camping is allowed for 26 dollars a night. Lunch will be included both days. We will have photographer on site (which i am trying to work it so you get all your pics for free included in the price), suspension guy, tire guys. AND a free HCR.net track day T-shirt.

Tires being done by
Scott larsenThe track has power hookups for RV's, tire warmers, etc... Just call ahead to reserve a spot...

They also have GP garages available to rent that have garage access to the hot pit of the track and pseudo private bathrooms. The day garages are more affordable ($75/day) and can be split up to 4 ways. This makes bringing canopies, generators and compressors pointless because they have air and power built into the garage. There's even a shower on site. The facilities at MMP are some of the best in the world

if you need to rent a bike here is the site with info on pricing on bikes available

Fast line race tire

NOTICE: there is a track day on saturday through apex track days for people wanting to make a full weekend of it.

Ok here is the deal we are trying to keep pricing as low as possible and with as few people as we can to maximize ride time and minimize crowding. So there will only be 80 spots.

500 for both days (THIS IS FOR THE FULL AMA 4.5 Mile COURSE
275 for a single day (trying to sell more 2 days then singles)

I DO accept check, paypal (add 4% for fees ), bank check, money order, etc. PLEASE RESERVE YOUR SPOT ASAP as i need to get a good chunk to the track to reserve our spot. For check/money order please pm me for address.

Help is welcome if you would like to help cook, setup, etc. i hope as many of you can come as possible with the advance warning i hope you guys can get the time off and will make the trip.

thread on the site is


PLEASE NOTE: if you purchase single or both days it is your responsibility to sell them if you can't make it, there will be no refunds and once money is paid you have then bought your spot wether you use it or not. if you wish to sell a spot please just drop me a email letting me know what name it's changing too.

BEGINNER/ INTERMEDIATE: (40 spots: 26 left)
1. stimacsays PAID BOTH DAYS
2. stimacsays #2 PAID BOTH DAYS
3. troy clower PAID SUNDAY
4. strand
5. mad modder #2
7. UTdale
8. UTdale (Dale) PAID BOTH DAYS
9. UTdale (Dave) PAID BOTH DAYS
10. UTdale (Nick) PAID BOTH DAYS
11. UTdale (Rob) PAID BOTH DAYS
12. slayer PAID BOTH DAYS
13. bearcat
14. terry PAID BOTH DAYS
15. Drudog
16. MotoMoto
ADVANCED/EXPERT (40 spots: 25 left)
1. Flix
2. hanibal PAID BOTH DAYS
3. metalscorpio
4. Zac808
5. tuning fork
6. felix
7. mad modder
8. christopherr1
9. LDH
10. LDH
11. Desertracer
13. ace
14. ace (friend)
15. bigdog1000 PAID SUNDAY
16. Desertracer


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